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Ebola in the Age of COVID is a Course

Ebola in the Age of COVID

Ended Apr 6, 2022

Full course description

NETEC COVID-19 Webinar Series Presentation

Ebola in the Age of COVID

Release Date: 04/07/2021

Expires: 04/06/2022

CID: 50109

The estimated time to complete this enduring material is 60 minutes.


This enduring material is intended primarily for healthcare workers and teams which may include but are not limited to, medical and nursing staff, administration, education/training leadership, and infection control leadership. Staff specializing in emergency management, communications, specialized clinical areas, laboratory, facilities management and environmental services are also welcome.


At the conclusion of this enduring material, the participant should be better able to:

  • Identify the current locations of Ebola virus outbreaks in the world and their proposed origins.
  • Describe the role of Identify, Isolate and Inform in controlling the transmission of viral hemorrhagic fevers.
  • Describe advances in medical countermeasures and vaccines in controlling Ebola Virus Disease, which have occurred since 2016
  • Discuss the CDC's personal protective equipment guidelines and workflows utilized when caring for patients known or suspected to have COVID-19 or Ebola Virus disease.
  • Identify the NETEC repository of resources and how they can inform safe practice for the healthcare team.


In order to receive continuing education credit, you must complete these steps prior to the activity expiration date.

  1. View the entire presentation
  2. Complete the post-test with a score of 2 out of 3 or better
  3. Complete the online evaluation
  4. Submit the Completion Attestation